FARO Introduces FARO RevEng for Design Professionals - 22/02/2019

FARO, a 3D measurement and imaging company for 3D design, has announced the immediate availability of FARO RevEng. This software platform provides FARO Design ScanArm and FARO 8-Axis FaroArm system users with a tool that enables a comprehensive digital design experience (www.faro.com/reveng). RevEng addresses a variety of reverse engineering and design challenges across a range of industries including Automotive Aftermarket, Research & Development, Heritage Preservation, Industrial Machinery, Engineering Services and Computer Graphics.

Best in Class Scan to Design Capability

Features include:

  • Seamlessly scan, capture and display point clouds in colour
  • Generate point clouds geometrically and visually accurate relative to the scanned object
  • Convert the point cloud into a high-quality mesh (i.e. edges, points and polygons that define the geometry of an object)
  • Edit and optimize the mesh for further design purposes or make it 3D-printing-ready


Advanced Workflow Optimization

RevEng tools and functionality are tightly integrated to assure a seamless handoff of project information, which dramatically streamlines end-to-end workflows.

  • Easy to Use: Intuitive icons on a single worksheet saves time and enables a new level of efficiency
  • Improved Productivity: Automatic fixing and repair tools reduce the time needed to create the perfect mesh model
  • Enhanced Creativity: Easily extract 2D sketches and 3D contour lines from mesh models
  • High-quality Output: Allows a trial-and-error-approach to get to the best result for individual projects so users are free to focus on the desired result


One Stop Solution

For design professionals who need to capture high-quality colour point cloud scans to generate high-quality mesh models, RevEng displays a clear, true to life colour representation of the source items. As a result, users have absolute confidence that exceptionally high-quality information can be edited in RevEng or exported to 3rd party software for editing and final model generation.

For users who need to refine mesh models and extract sketch geometry for 3D design activities or 3D printing, RevEng delivers a full set of tools to edit and optimize the mesh model. This enables production of the most accurate and efficient digital representation of the scanned object possible. Final output can be a watertight mesh model, mesh shell optimized for 3D printing, or a collection of 2D and 3D curves to feed into the CAD modelling stage of the design workflow. Additionally, RevEng includes advanced algorithms that significantly reduce processing time.

Last updated: 04/03/2019