Map Business Online Provides ZIP Code Mapping for Industries - 08/06/2018

Business mapping software leader, Map Business Online (MBO) published by SpatialTEQ Inc., is now offering comprehensive ZIP code mapping tools for use across all industries. Mapping location-based business data by ZIP code is one of the fastest growing applications of cloud-based business mapping software in use across North America. The conversion of address-based business data into powerful map visualisations by ZIP code is helping more sales, marketing, and operational management teams develop innovative strategies that increase sales and improve productivity.

MBO web-based mapping software includes updated ZIP code and postal code layers for all areas of the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The ZIP code maps allow all users to visualise ZIP code areas based on user-defined areas of interest, imported sales territory tables, or basic ZIP code spreadsheets which may be imported for simple colour shading against an accurate and sharable map.

MBO users regularly import business analysis data to generate maps based on ZIP code schemes, as opposed to state, county or Census tract map layers. These analysis maps are used to create sales territories, conduct marketing campaign analysis, create competitor maps, and supplement strategic plans.

ZIP codes, due to their relatively small coverage areas, represent specific local area segments that business people intuitively understand. ZIP code geographies in business maps are the optimum platform for viewing demographic data by category, periodic sales results, as well as franchise business territories. Demographic colour shading by ZIP code may be the most common use case for ZIP code mapping because businesses of all kinds can so quickly and easily assess detailed market potential.

Common business applications of MBO ZIP code mapping are: Industrial sales territory management; Field service operational areas; Insurance company claims management; and Marketing campaign management.

The advent of cloud-based software services has made business mapping software imminently accessible and affordable, rapidly expanding the application of online business mapping tools and the development and use of ZIP code mapping across all industry sectors.

Last updated: 22/05/2019