TomTom and Toyota Offer Navigation App Mirroring In-Dash Screens - 07/06/2018

TomTom has launched a new navigation app that can be mirrored to Toyota vehicles’ in-dash screens using SmartDeviceLink (SDL) technology. The app is available at no extra cost to Toyota drivers in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay – on both iOS and Android phones.

This provides an online navigation experience by combining offline maps with online services such as TomTom TrafficSpeedCams, Online Search and Online Routing, with a fall back to offline turn-by-turn navigation in case connectivity is not available or not preferred. It uses the industry standard Navigation Data Standard (NDS) map format, making TomTom the first to launch an NDS-based smartphone application. Users benefit from NDS as it lets drivers download only the map cuts that they really need – with weekly incremental map updates instead of big quarterly updates.

Another novelty is the completely revamped map visualisation. The vector-based technology enables smooth visualisation and responsive interaction with the digital map. One of the key new features is Moving Lane Guidance, an innovative way of showing the driver which lane(s) to take around highway junctions, which is an important enabler for lane-level navigation.

When connecting the smartphone to the car, the driver can see the TomTom navigation app, and interact with it directly on the car’s screen – allowing for safer driving. This is enabled by SDL – an app mirroring technology that uses a standard set of protocols and messages that connect applications on a smartphone to a vehicle head unit. It is open source and is backed by a consortium made up of large automakers and suppliers.

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, said “Drivers worry about how much data they might be using when navigating with a smartphone app. That’s why we created the TomTom Navigation App – which works with offline maps, but still provides real-time services to users.”

Last updated: 19/06/2018