Trimble Launches Single Version of Business Center Software for Survey and Civil Construction - 06/11/2018

Trimble has announced version 5.0 of Trimble Business Center, which merges two products, Trimble Business Center and Business Center - HCE, to provide both surveying and civil construction customers with a complete office software solution. Combining both products into one platform provides a larger set of tools for customers to leverage for more services and value for their clients. The combined software enables data interoperability between survey and construction workflows for more efficiency, time savings and data quality – a competitive advantage that empowers customers. The announcement was made at this year's Trimble Dimensions.

New capabilities of Trimble Business Center 5.0

Trimble Business Center version 5.0 now includes support for mobile mapping and terrestrial scanning data from systems such as the Trimble MX9 mobile mapping system and the Trimble TX series terrestrial scanners. In addition, high-quality flight data from Delair unmanned aerial systems (UAS) can be combined with other sensor data for the rapid creation of vivid orthomosaics and highly accurate surface models. Survey and construction professionals can now easily integrate these multi-sensor data types together within the single software environment, streamlining their workflows and increasing productivity. 

This version includes intelligent new tools for the creation of CAD and GIS deliverables, corridor inspection reports and tunnel as-built analysis from complex 3D point clouds. The addition of automated feature extraction, powered by Trimble eCognition software, dramatically reduces the time to extract features, such as trees, poles and signs, from point cloud data. New multi-slice capabilities, combined with cutting plane workflows, allow users to quickly extract cross sections from point clouds at intervals along a linear geometry, further streamlining corridor redesign and maintenance reporting.

The new Trimble Macro Language (TML) allows survey and construction professionals to customise data computations and add new CAD and GIS workflows to fit specific local requirements. By extending out-of-the-box software capabilities, customers can further increase operational efficiency, reducing the time to create client deliverables. 

Trimble Business Center continues to be an integration hub for Trimble’s customers’ data, streamlining workflows to create client deliverables with confidence, said Tim Lemmon, marketing director of Trimble Geospatial. The new version further optimises field-to-office workflows by integrating new data types for customers, and the introduction of automated feature extraction enables them to more effectively analyse and extract valuable information for a broad array of applications.

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