World Geospatial Industry Council Launched at UN-GGIM - 09/08/2018

In a landmark development, geospatial industry leaders from across the world came together to announce the formation of the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC). The announcement was made on 1 August 2018 at the 8th session of the UN-GGIM (United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management) held in New York, by Jack Dangermond, Chairman of WGIC and Founder and President, Esri.

WGIC is co-founded by a group of 21 companies, namely AAM GroupAGI IndiaAutodeskBentley SystemsCyientData WorldDigitalGlobe, e-GEOS, EsriFAROGeospatial MediaGeoTech Vision, Ground TruthHexagonIIC TechnologiesOracleRieglRolta GroupTrimbleTomTom, and Topcon.

WGIC aspires to be a collaborative platform for advancing the role of the geospatial industry and strengthening its contribution in the world economy and society. WGIC endeavours to facilitate the exchange of knowledge within the geospatial industry and co-create larger business opportunities for the geospatial industry. Further, with policy restraints limiting private sector participation and commercialisation, WGIC also seeks to raise awareness among policymakers and advocate for better environment and investments in the geospatial sector.

The enthusiasm and energy was visible at the first formal meeting of the WGIC on the sidelines of the UN-GGIM session in New York City on 31 July 2018, when representatives of the co-founding companies had lively discussions on geospatial industry trends and directions which were fundamental to determining the objectives and key activities for WGIC. The first office bearers of WGIC Patrons and Executive Board were also elected at the meeting.

WGIC Chairman, Jack Dangermond, said “With WGIC, we have the vision to create a new institution that brings together participants from around the world in the geospatial industry. This will allow new kinds of partnerships to emerge, enabling companies to help each other, and also allow the geospatial industry to collectively work with big global initiatives such as World Bank and the UN.

This will also enable our industry as a whole to have a collective opinion on emerging policies such as those on privacy or geospatial data restriction. I firmly believe that by joining together and exploring collaborative efforts we can make meaningful progress.”

Directives and action plans for the WGIC include:

  • Sharing and representing the perspectives and opinions of the geospatial industry and support the policy development processes with governments and multilateral agencies.
  • Finding technology collaboration and convergence in solution-centric business processes.
  • Building working relationships with national and multilateral agencies and undertake joint programs.
  • Creating opportunities for convergence and partnership with mainstream IT and engineering technology players.
  • Pushing for business development through pro-active engagement with user industries, trade bodies, associations and professional forums.


Last updated: 20/04/2019