Mapbox Launches Global Augmented Reality Location Platform

Mapbox has launched Mapbox AR, a comprehensive toolkit combining AR rendering software with global location data built on the location platform used by over 1 million registered developers, including AR vanguards like FitnessAR and Keep. From projecting navigation routes in context on an automotive heads-up display, to mobile multi-player gaming, interacting with real-world buildings and points of interest, Mapbox AR enables a new level of AR applications and gameplay. Reality-grade location data includes a global navigable map that is constantly evolving with usage, and custom 3D building footprints optimised for dynamic interaction, international land use and terrain coverage — all... (read more)
2018-02-28 11:06:40

Why Location Matters in Data Analytics

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is holding its Annual Conference on 23 November 2016 called #GeoCom16 “Why location matters in data analytics” and it will take place at the Royal Geographical Society’s headquarters at 1 Kensington Gore in London. Taking on a new, streamlined one-day format, it will feature key guest presenters and lightning sessions by members. Rollo Home, Chairman of the AGI’s Action Working Group organising the event, said’ “The AGI is proud to bring our new-look Annual Conference #GeoCom16 to the RGS, considered to be the heart of geography and home to many professional geographers and explorers,... (read more)
2017-01-15 03:17:19

Councils Across the Country Mark Location Day

Sixty-nine local authorities across England and Wales are taking part in ‘Gazetteers@GIS Day’, an initiative that highlights the importance of location and how location information is created by councils. Through a range of activities such as manning stands, running quizzes and competitions, holding presentations and even giving out sweets, pens and balloons, council Address and Street Custodians will demonstrate the importance of the information that they maintain on behalf of their council. Council produced Address and Street data is an essential part of two products available from Ordnance Survey; AddressBase and OS MasterMap Highways Network. Both products are widely used... (read more)
2017-01-15 03:15:29

Smart Speakers, Voice Assistants and Location

Do you speak to a voice assistant? Perhaps you ask Google Assistant via Google Home to check the local weather or have Alexa via an Amazon Echo tell you a “knock knock” joke. You might request more complex tasks like finding a local restaurant with open tables for tonight. For now, those are about the extent of current assistants’ spatial capabilities. I dug into the Amazon Echo’s “skills,” the name for the voice-activated apps it runs. The most utilitarian skills related to maps and location offer answers to questions like “How long will a known commuting route take today?” or... (read more)
2017-08-07 11:38:02

GeoSpock Launches Unique Location Intelligence Platform

GeoSpock, the extreme-scale data integration company that provides analytics, builds insight, and enables predictions across space and time, has announced the launch of its Location Intelligence as a Service (LlaaS) Product Showcase. Demonstrating a variety of real-world scenarios, the Product Showcase is used to explore the potential of smart city development, online advertising and mobility through Location Intelligence (LI) analytics functionality – including dynamic filtering, movement tracking, dataset comparisons, and geo-fencing. Understanding LI datasets is crucial for companies looking to derive meaningful insight from extreme amounts of geospatial and temporal data, which enables informed business decisions. The platform empowers businesses who have... (read more)
2018-05-04 10:53:19

Using Location Intelligence to Drive Digital Engagement

Three ā€˜Dā€™sā€™ Drive Government
Government organisations are using location intelligence to drive digital engagement, argues James Brayshaw, to drive down costs and engage with citizens. But there is still room for more transparency and raising public awareness through a multi-channel approach. As government organisations are facing wider and more complex pressures than ever before, the ‘three Ds’ are tasked with driving its transformation: Decentralisation, Digital, and Data. Decentralisation is pushing increasing power back into the hands of local government agencies, who need to ensure they have the capacity and capabilities to deliver. Digital By Default means providing a multi-channel service to citizens with limited... (read more)
2017-04-10 11:26:48

Esri Acquires ClearTerra Location Data Extraction Technology

Esri has announced it has acquired technology from ClearTerra, a creator of geospatial and activity-based intelligence tools. This acquisition will provide the ArcGIS platform users the ability to easily discover and extract geographic coordinates from unstructured textual data like emails, briefings and reports, instantly generating intelligent map-based information. This capability will make mapping this information easier across many industries. Defence, intelligence, and public safety organisations tend to have massive volumes of unstructured data, as do other fields such as petroleum, utilities, and maritime, where locating information on the earth is not as easy as searching for a street address. Esri’s acquisition... (read more)
2018-03-02 05:39:24

BigData Earth Release Property Location Reports for Australia

BigData Earth is pleased to release, a new web portal where consumers and professionals can quickly request property (exposure) location profile reports for Australian addresses and sites. For industries such as real estate, asset management and insurance underwriting, the location information is among the most important. We develop location profile reports (easy-to-read PDF files) and are currently making two offerings: Sydney locations (reporting at a site level within a radius of 200m); Australia-wide locations (reporting at a site level within a radius of 1200m). Main features include a wide range of address-level and location-specific environmental metrics – elevation, slope, surface... (read more)
2017-03-15 04:11:04

Data and Software Solutions Through Location-Based Insights

Pitney Bowes has expanded its data and software solutions that will enable organizations to better understand customers with context to location. The expansion includes updates to the Pitney Bowes Spectrum solution, which incorporates address, location and customer data information to create a single view of a customer; unique customized data sets that organizations can deploy to supplement existing investments in business intelligence (BI) infrastructure; and the U.S. debut of the Confirm solution suite, a popular infrastructure management solution used by hundreds of government agencies around the world to improve employee efficiency and constituent services. According to Bob Guidotti, EVP &... (read more)
2017-09-27 04:43:09

Microsoft Integrates Azure Location Based Services into the Cloud

Microsoft has announced the public preview of Azure Location Based Services, a new cloud offering to power the “Location of Things”. This will improve connectivity between geographical data, smart cities, infrastructure and IoT solutions; and empower a range of industrial transformations. Azure Location Based Services provides an enterprise-ready location service for customers to build mobility, asset tracking and other geospatial applications that provide useful insights through one dashboard and one subscription. The service allows enterprises to connect their assets to the cloud and give them significant insights into how their data can be utilised further when combined with location-based data. Examples... (read more)
2018-01-08 02:51:01
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